All the foodies in Kampala were on a roll last week as the annual Kampala Restaurant Week orchestrated by The Pearl Guide Uganda graced us once again with its gifts of food and drink. In the company of a ‘lit’ crew, the exploration began through a few options and my taste buds were fired up by these restaurants and are truly worth a second visit.

Tamarai @TamaraiThai

Pan Asian cuisine at its finest! The Masman Pork Ribs were the right kind of spicy and the peanut sauce gave it a unique taste. The Prawns Cashewnut was something different for the Kampala taste buds and a good start for those trying out seafood. The Grilled Duck was a delight paired with the pepper sauce and struck up the likeness to our Ugandan dishes. (We’ll definitely not go hungry when we visit Thailand!)


Prunes @PrunesUganda

This concept store and eatery had a Coca-Cola lunch box option and the Chicken Get together was delish! This PFC (Prunes Fried Chicken) with its secret blend of spices was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and dripping with flavor all-round.


Arena One @Arena1SportsBar

The ribs, the ribs, THE RIBS!!! Tender, succulent, flavor filled with a taste of sweet and sour sauce, these ribs were made to satisfy both body and soul. The portions were satisfactory, paired with a Tusker Lite and the game that was on that evening, it was a memorable restaurant week experience.


The participating restaurants had a lot to offer but these three had an edge to their meals and will definitely be seeing more of the crew.

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