Fire and Ice

Sometimes people come over to my house to feast and one of those random days my guests, who often confuse my humble abode for a restaurant, asked for desert. They were a lucky bunch because I had ice cream lying around…


  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate cookies
  • Bailey’s Irish cream

Adding fire to the ice:

  • Start with a scoop of ice cream at the bottom of the glass
  • Basing on the desire size, break the cookies and add them to the glass.

Vanilla ice cream goes well with chocolate cookies but you can branch out with your favorite kind!

  • Add about a shot/50 ml of Bailey’s to the glass and add another layer of ice cream, cookies and Cream till the glass is full.

Your icy sun-downer is now ready to fire up the taste buds 🙂



Photos; Andrew Pacutho

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